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This Is The Perfect Breakfast To Combat Even The Worst Of Hangovers

You know the feeling. You have woken up with your tummy growling after a few too many drinks last night. You just want to cure the hunger problem so you can move onto trying to get rid of that banging headache.

Well this could be the breakfast for you. It is called the “Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart” and it looks and tastes totally amazing.

Just follow the simple instructions in the video below and you will be well on your way to getting rid of that hangover.

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Two Guys Perform The Biggest News Bomb Ever

Two guys have pulled off an awesome news bomb during a live news report  on Sky News with journalist Ashish Joshi in Westminster. In case you are wondering, a “News Bomb” involves getting on camera in what ever way you can while a live news broadcast is taking place.

For most people this involves walking past the camera in the background. Or maybe even walking past while pulling a silly face. But in the case of the two guys in this video they took things to the next level by performing a full live magic performance in the background as Joshi went about his news report.

Good work guys!

Positive Thinking

Personality Test: What Colour Is Your Personality?

Colour is all around us every day in everything we do but when is the last time you actually stopped to think about what colours may mean?

If you go as far back as Egyptian times, colours have always been very important in worship and healing. Even in the current 21st century, it is thought that certain colour schemes in offices and working environments can effect the productivity of people. Even something as simple as the colour of your hair can change the way you feel about yourself and what others think about you.

The test below has been hugely popular this year as it can reveal what colour group you belong to and what that says about your personality.

All you need to do is answer the 12 simple colour related questions to discover your colour and what that means.


Legendary News Reader Can Rap!

It’s always a right laugh when a news anchor messes up by mistake.

They’re always so serious and controlled so it’s nice when we get to see the fun side of them.

US TV Presenter, Jimmy Fallon, with help from a few IT Whizzes, has put together… well.. the last thing you’d expect to see on the evening news.

With our pleasure, we present to you, News reader, Brian Williams with Rappers Delight.


They Put 12 Jolly Ranchers in Each Bottle

Perfect for parties this summer, this easy, fun to make drink is an absolute must have at any occasion that involves alcohol!

1. Get hold of some Jolly Ranchers and some bottles.

Although they don’t sell them in UK shops anymore, you can buy them on Amazon and online sweetshops.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 08.00.40

2. Top up the rest of the bottle with Vodka

If you’re messy, use a funnel so you don’t waste any. The more expensive vodka, the less of a hangover you’ll get. Apparently. If you can afford it, go for Grey Goose Vodka or at least Smirnoff.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 08.00.57

 3. Put it in the fridge

You don’t need to mix it, stir it or shake it. Just put it in the fridge for 24 hours. They Jolly Ranchers will dissolve and their flavour will infuse into the alcohol.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 08.01.37

Follow the tutorial below, make your own cocktails with them, mix them with lemonade or take them as shots.

Please drink responsibly!


Why Boots is Keeping It’s Free Medication Scheme a Secret

Recently the internet has been flooded with information about the Boots ‘Minor Ailments Scheme‘ thanks to a young mum accidentally coming across the news that Boots will give your children free medication.



The news was shared with family and friends but then took on a life of it’s own are her Facebook status was shared far and wide.

The information she has stumbled upon is in fact TRUE. However, before you sign up for the service (which you are entitled to as long at you’re a UK resident who is entitled to free prescriptions – this includes every child under 16 years old) you need to hear the truth about it.

The Boots FAQ section reveals that medications are available for FREE for common illnesses such as;

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 17.12.44

However before you sign yourself or your children up for this scheme there is something you must know…

The scheme is NOT funded by Boots; it’s funded by the NHS! This is why Boots isn’t allowed to advertise the service!

Remember earlier this month when everyone was getting behind the NHS to show support for our health service?


The NHS is extremely low on funds, funds that the tax payer is paying to be able to see a doctor when necessary and receive free health care if needed.

We need to protect the people who need access to free health care and if that means they sign up for the Minor Ailments Scheme then great. But we also need to spread the word that just because you’re entitled to this, does not mean you should sign up.

If you can afford your own Calpol, Piriton or Paracetamol, please, please pay for it yourself.

We can’t allow people to continue to drain the NHS resources that people in Britain desperately need.

Please think carefully before you sign up. Nothing comes for free and these medications are not truly free, they’re paid for by the whole country.



Puppy Training Tips Using Rolled Up Newspaper

Puppies can easily get in the habit of peeing inside the house if they aren’t trained properly. Your training should start from the moment you meet them, they ARE old enough to start learning, even if it is a little slowly!

Puppies need to go for a pee quite a few times a day because they have such small little bladders. Make sure you put your puppy outside as soon as they’ve woken up from a nap (even a short nap).

Puppies should always have fresh water available to them.

If you find your puppy is going to the toilet inside your house, grab a newspaper and take the following advice…



41 Blasts From Your Primary School Past

Saying your prayers before lunch and at home time, getting your knees grazed and changing your best friend every other term. It can only be… Primary School. What seemed like such a special world at the time was actually the same world for every kid in the country. ALL UK primary schools were pretty much exactly the same.

1. You knew it was going to be a good PE lesson if the beloved apparatus was out


2. When a dog ran into the school playground and all you could do was run around screaming that the dog has rabies


3. That Roamer that you programmed to go forward 4 steps and turn 90 degrees left and then you got bored


4. When you hung around after the bell for FOREVER because little Jonny hadn’t put his chair up and the teacher was just ‘waiting’.


5. All the angels had tinsel halos and the shepherds had tae towels on their heads at the school play



Even If You Don’t Like Ellen, This Is The Most Hilarious Interview Ever Recorded.

If you are from the UK, you may not yet have heard of Amy Schumer. She is an American acrtess and comedian who is best known for staring in, co-writing and producing Inside Amy Schumer, the popular Comedy Central television.

During a recent interview with Ellen, she brought the house down with her monologue about dating and her relationship with a scone. If she ever does stand up in the UK I am going!


28 People Who Failed So Hard, They Ended Up Winning

Ever wondered what it would look like if the usual losers who fail time and time again actually failed so badly that they ended up winning?

The 28 unlucky people below have managed to win themselves a place at the top of ‘The Hall of Fail’ which, on some level, actually makes them a winner. If I could meet any of these legends in real life, I’d shake their hand. Except for number 26, that kid’s just evil.

1. The guy who tried to prank his older brother


2. The person who made this gingerbread house


3. This paintballer


4. The person who parked in this spot


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