America’s Next Top Model Picks Contestant Nicknamed ‘Cow’

Tyra Banks knows beauty when she sees it. Vitiligo sufferer, Chantelle Brown-Young is a 19 year old aspiring super model who has helped ANTM take a closer step to diversity in beauty. Six years ago the TV show had it’s first plus size winner, Whitney Thompson.

The skin condition vitiligo causes depigmentation on patches of the skin. This condition is more noticeable on darker skin. Famously Michael Jackson suffered from the same problem.

Chantelle reveled she was bullied at school, he classmates called her’zebra’ and ‘cow’. However her instagram account shows an extremely beautiful young woman.

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HuffPost Canada reported that on a recent trip back to her high school where she gave a motivational talk she said, “I loved myself. And with that, opportunities start to fall into my lap. And I thank God for all of them. Try loving yourself.””

Chantelle, who goes by the name of Winnie Harlow added, “A lot of people have a story or a background, but mine is painted on my body.”ScreenHunter_182 May. 12 09.35

By Hannah Jones

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