Airplanes of the Future give Passengers a Panoramic View of the Sky

British technology research firm, the Center for Process Innovation, thinks they are right on target for future aviation designs. The goal is to remove the windows from passenger planes and replace them with organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touch screen displays throughout the cabin. Using externally mounted cameras on the plane, passengers would enjoy a panoramic view that would be impossible on today’s commercial aircraft.

According to their research, one of the most significant contributors to weight on passenger airplanes is glass from the windows. In addition, without the need for the windows, the walls would be solid, allowing for a thinner design. The OLED screens would not only replace the windows but provide a superior display of the outer environment as they travel.

There are a couple of concerns, however. For example, this does not help folks who are afraid of flying. There may also be possible light pollution as well within the cabin. Lastly, we just hope the passenger windows were the only ones they had in mind to replace. We hope that our pilots will truly be able to see where they need to go should there be an emergency.

OLED screens all along the plane’s length show the sky outside


The touchscreens display flight information and allow for the ordering of service items


Screens enable access to internet and media (free or for a fee?)


Notice the scene selection – cloudy night sky or wooded moonlit forest


Removing passenger windows may allow planes to be made with stronger walls


Check out this video from CPI:

By Hannah Jones

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