9 Things Your Guys Are Afraid To Ask For In Bed

No matter what you might think about the amazing great sex that you and your partner might be having; you have to admit that you are wondering if there is anything that he is desiring and he’s just not telling you. Chances are you have a curiosity or fantasy that you yourself haven’t mustered up the courage to ask for yourself, so what’s his?


So to find out more we decided to ask some guys if they would share with us what they haven’t been asking for in the bedroom (but really do want to). The answers that they give may surprise you or may not, but it’s still a good reminder that we should all be open to each other, especially behind closed doors.

“Dominate me! Having to ask kind of defeats the purpose.” —Dean, 27

“Group sex is something I think would be a crazy experience, but there’s never been a partner who I would ask for that. It would take a lot of alcohol to admit.” —Daniel, 24

“I wish I could just ask for a blowjob sometimes without feeling like I’m asking to be serviced.” —Andrei, 26

“I like it when women are aggressive and creative [and] take initiative and surprise me. You can imagine that it could be difficult to ask your partner to be more spontaneous though.” —Zaiden, 29

“I’ve always wanted to tie a girl up, but I’m worried about asking for that. I watch Law & Order. I know how wrong that can go.” —Bill, 21

“I love it when a girl talks dirty, but I would be embarrassed to ask her to do it. I wouldn’t want her to ask me to do it back. I don’t know how!” —Tommy, 26

“Threesomes. I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings and have her interpret it like, ‘Oh, you don’t like me? You need more?'” —Grant, 25

“What I’ve always wanted to do is have sex with a girl between her boobs, but I wouldn’t want to ask. It could be degrading.” —Billy, 27

“I don’t want to have to ask to cuddle. Don’t laugh! I think some girls assume guys don’t want to cuddle, so they don’t, but we’re not going to ask for that, you know?” —Sam, 29

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'