37 of The Worlds Funniest Job Titles

Ever wondered what it might be like to be a professional Smarties expert? Or a ‘Namer of Clouds’? Cool jobs come with really cool name titles and sometimes, people work so hard they can hold down TWO jobs, therefore, TWO job titles e.g ‘Bear Biologist and Paper Folder’. What you spend your week days doing defines you, so make sure you’re doing something to be proud of…. such as being a Penguinologist!

1. This guys funny for a living AND he keeps himself busy

a best job ever

2. This guy is an expert at going on the internet


3. He’s got a Ph.D. and he’s earned that title!

best job titles funny

4. He invented it, he’s proud of it and so he should be!

greatest job titles in the world

5. That’s one VERY important job

charge of big door

6. Making bakers sound even smarter

bread scientist

7. If you’re going to direct any division, it might as well be the unicorn division

chief unicorn division

8. Who knew a penguin expert had an official title?


9. That’s one important lady


10. They have a job of their own!


11. When extreme sports come to mind, unicycling is at the top of the list!


12. So is every 5 year old out there

food network jobs

13. An impressive and totally meaningful job


14. You don’t get this far up the ladder without a few stories to tell

chief trouble maker

15. A dangerous job for a young lady

teen exorcist

16. An important man, not to be messed with

shredded cheese authrotiy

17. A commander of what?


18. A lot of training neccessary

greatest jobs in the world

19. Well what else would he be?

funny job titles

20. Coooooooool!


21. Of course


22. A Sandbag Director is a great thing to aspire to


23. You don’t have to tell me!


24. Good for him!


25. A very niche field

chocolate beer specialist

26. If your bride has been kidnapped, you know who to call

bride kidnapping expert

27. A man of many talents

best jobs titles ever

28. Well sign me up!

best jobs in the world

29. Aren’t all cat owners?

jackson galaxy

30. If you’re qualified… go for it!


31. Got any questions about ranch dressing? Well this is your guy


32. Self appointed no doubt!


33. After years of studying…


34. Head of Potatoes. Keeping those guys in line

greatest job titles in the history of mankind

35. Easy job


36. Yea right! Nice cover story!


37. That’s one way of putting it


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By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'