27 of the Best Baby Hacks of All Time

Welcome to parenthood. Obviously, folks have figured out for centuries how to “get this done.” The question is, how in the world did they do it? And even with all of today’s glorious gadgetry – we all still need a little guidance. After all, a manual does not come along with the baby – and neither does a budget! Here are some hints that should help out!

#1 Is your baby hungry? Follow the clues


#2 The baby is teething – where do I put the Orajel?


#3 The baby is teething – but the Orajel is not working.

03_Pic03 04_Pic04

Place a small amount of applesauce on a clean cloth – roll it up and freeze it. Your baby will love it!

#4 Baby is cranky – is it due to a lack of sleep? Try this chart.


#5 Baby won’t take medicine


It’s not quite a “spoonful of sugar”, but it should do the trick!

#6 When your toddler refuses to eat, try these.


#7 When your baby is inconsolably fussy.


#8 The baby is teething – and still nothing is working


Try the Molar Muncher – it soothes the entire gum line at once.

#9 The Miracle Blanket is in the wash so you have to use a normal blanket instead.


#10 Your little one gets out of bed WAY too early in the morning.


As long as the moon is out, don’t get out of bed.

#11 Baby wakes up often.


Try the “Pause” method. When the child wakes, rather than immediately responding, see if s/he will settle back down to sleep. Perhaps s/he is just whimpering while sleeping.

#12 Baby is sound asleep in the crib (for now) – but you want to hear if there are any cries.


Try the Baby Monitor app  – it will send a text or a call when the baby wakes up.

#13 Still what? Teething! Try the Mom-sicle!


Freeze the nipple of a binky (pacifier) in an ice-cube tray full of formula, breast milk or water.

#14 Cleaning up spit-up from the furniture


Clean up the worst of it if you can. Create a paste from baking soda and a little bit of water. Spread it generously over the stain and allow to air dry overnight. Attack with the vacuum the next day – voila!

#15 Bring the fun back into the shower with the baby shower cap to protect her/his eyes.


#16 Whether inside or out, keep mosquitoes from the little one


#17 Use a self-adhesive hook on the back of a high chair to store bibs


#18 No more baby-snot-covered tissues lying around the house.19_Pic19

Rubber band an empty box to a full one and now you have a mini waste basket!

#19 Tired of trying get those little pants over that big diaper?  Baby leg warmers to the rescue!


Just cut the feet off grown-up knee-high socks, fold the raw edge over and stitch!

#20 Why bother investing in door locks when cookie cutters will do the job just fine?


#21 Put your soda can tabs to work by letting them help save you room in your little one’s closet.


…and why stop there? Try it in your own closet!

#22 It’s a scooter! No – it’s a stroller! You gotta love this buggy so you and the little tyke can remain on-the-go.


#23 Keep those baby products organized via an over-the-door shoe organizer (baby’s shoes won’t be big enough for a while anyway!)


#24 Homemade stain remover


Mix one part Dawn dish detergent with two parts hydrogen peroxide. This amazing concoction removes poop stains from clothing and vomit stains from carpet – plus juice and pee stains. This stuff is awesome!

#25 The Post-Bath Hot Towel Trick


For tiny babies, warm up a bath towel with a heating pad so it’s not as cold when they are removed from the water.

#26 Bedtime Ba-Ba


If you like breastfeeding, try to give the baby a bottle just before putting them down. This will help them adjust to the bottle later and it fills them up more so they can sleep longer.

#27 Baby socks? Meet the bra bag.


Stop the dryer gremlins in their tracks by using a lingerie bag when you wash baby socks.  This will keep them from “wandering off” in the wash. You’ll be glad you did!

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'