14 Year Old Girl Beats up 35 Year Old Attacker Who Tried to Grab Her

A creepy guy has been left beat up, battered and bruised after targeting the wrong little girl as she walked through the park. The 14 year old girl who is also a martial arts expert was walking in the park near her home when a 35 year old man came up behind her and tried to grab her arms.

Instead of the teen giving way to him and possibly ending up in very serious danger, the girl broke free from his clutches and started throwing punches and kicks in his direction. The girl was less than half the attackers age and a lot smaller than him but she managed to protect herself from the creep.


Police in Sussex UK where the incident took place said the man was ‘very thin; and around 5ft 7. They have said that although they have a male in custody, they are appealing for any witnesses to the incident which too place on Saturday morning.

‘Although we have made an arrest, we need to speak to anyone who was in Tilgate Park on Saturday morning and saw what happened,’ said Detective Inspector Andy Bennett.

‘We need to find people who may have seen a man acting suspiciously in or around the park on Saturday or on other occasions.’

“The teenager was badly shaken by what happened but was not injured.

“We do not know what the man’s motive was but need to identify him to find out.”

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'