13 Jaw Dropping Purses You will Drool Over, Although with the Price of These you Really Shouldn’t!

Although some of us only see a purse as something to hold all of our belongings (and I mean every single one of them!) while we are out and about, most of us see a purse as a fashion statement. That is why purses can get pretty pricy. Amongst them, these are some of the most expensive purses currently out there. Take a look.

1. Hermes: Matte Crocodile Brikin Bag


The average price for most Brikin bags are around $20K, however, this particular one which happens to have 10 carats of encrusted diamonds, it runs $120K

2. Chanel: Diamond Forever Bag


We all know that Chanel is pricey, even for the cheaper bags that they produce is a few hundred dollars. But this bag is much, much more. We are talking a whopping $261K!

3. Leiber: Precious Rose Bag

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This bag is laced with 42 carats of diamonds, pink sapphires, and tourmalines. This is the only one of its kind at a surprising $92K!

4. Fendi: B. Bag


These are only of the most commonly seen purses out of the expensive ones, it comes in several colors including white lambskin and black crocodile at a stunning price of $27.7K.

5. Hilde Palladino: Gadino


With almost 40 diamonds on the clasp of this bag the right price for this is $38.5K.

6. Fendi: Selleria


Another bag from the Fendi line, the amazing part of this bag is that it is had sewn to come out at a cool $38K.

7. Louis Vuitton: Raindrop Besace


Do not underestimate the price of this bag by the look of it. This purse comes out to being $1,960, for a trash bag. But hey! At least it’s waterproof right?

8. Lana Marks: Cleopatra


This beautiful clutch has about 1500 diamonds and comes out to be around $100K. It is made out of alligator skin and diamonds.

9. Marc Jacobs: Crocodile


At an astounding $30K this crocodile bag is sure to catch more than a couple eyes.

10. Marc Jacobs: Delray


With Blush leather and gold hardware, Marc Jacobs Delray retails for $2,350.

11. House of Mouawad: 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

This beauty of a bag, although small, is not small in style. This purse tops the record of most expensive bag according to the Guinnes Book of World Records. Made up of 18kt gold and encrusted with 4,500 diamonds it comes out to be an amazing $3.8 MILLION!

12. Louis Vuitton: Patchwork


This very rare bag, (only 20 were made, EVER) displays all of Louis Vuitton purse pattern. It is a cool price of $42K.

13. Louis Vuitton: New Age Traveler


if you are planning on backpacking and are wanting to do it in style then you are in luck! At only $55K you can travel across Europe with telephone cords hanging from your bag.

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'