12 Things Students Have in Common With Toddlers

Is there a scientific reason that when human beings finally get to flee the nest that they revert back to being a baby for a while? Not as far as we know. But the similarities between toddlers and students in undeniable.

1. Stumbling about, slurring wordsDowning Wotsits & Haribo while lounging on the sofa watching peppa pig is going to make you unsteady on your feet when it’s time to get up. So will too many Pringles and  glasses of Jack Daniels & Coke. Can’t walk, can’t talk? You’re either a toddler having the time of his life or a student doing exactly the same.cute-adorable-toddler-falls-on-ice-walking2. Being into boobsAlthough the fascination with boobs is for different reasons, there’s no denying the common interest. Toddlers need them, male students think they need them and females need to keep them looking great whilst under control.mad-men-joan-pushing-up-boobs3. Wear onesies

They were always fashionable for babies, now they’re now fashionable for students too. Why waste precious partying time by getting dressed properly when it’s now perfectly acceptable to dress like a giant baby?


4. Puke

Toddler’s will spill their guts more often than students, but when students do have to deal with this, it’s in volumes. For toddler’s it’s always been part of their life, while students have to accept that this uncomfortable side effect of having so much fun will become part of life for the next 3/4 years.


5. Listen to crap music

Iggy Azalea’s incessant rap skill’s or the Horrid Henry theme tune? It’s a tough one but Horrid Henry is a little more catchy.


6. Jump off things

Maybe this is just a boy thing, but toddlers can’t resist jumping off the sofa, the garden wall, the swings, the front step, anything really. The same can be said for male students who are more likely to jump on and off things when there are females around. Go figure…


7. Juice

The term ‘juice’ means one thing and one thing only to a toddler, a refreshingly yummy, fruity drink. However, the term ‘juice’ can mean different things to students, and those things are not always refreshing and wholesome…


8. A Diet of Noodles

Toddlers take in their fair share of carbs and sodium via noodle form (it’s easy for mums to make and they love it). Students also need quick and easy meals that will satisfy their hunger so Super Noodles, Pot Noodles, fresh noodles, any noodles will do.


9. Sleeping in crazy places

Toddlers fall asleep standing up, on the toilet and in the middle of a meal, students fall asleep behind the television set, on the kitchen table or in-between wheelie bins. Both of them sleep like a baby.


10. Wetting themselves

Peeing their pants or worse. The only difference here is the majority of the time, the toddlers wearing a nappy so it’s not a big deal.


11. Get hangovers

THE struggle. Whether it’s alcohol related or sugar induced, these handovers result in the same situation; a crying baby who wants to sleep but can’t sleep, throws up, craves food and has a major headache.


12. Love their mums

Toddlers need their mums for all the essential care and love and students need there mums for… well, exactly the same. How do I dry my clothes? Boil pasta? Use a credit card? I’m coming home this weekend, I need my mum…



By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'