12 Behaviours that are only socially acceptable if you’re with your best friend

1. Saying I love you.

Saying, ‘Love you, bye’ or ‘k, love you, bye bye’ is TOTALLY normal, if you say on the phone to your best friend. In fact it’s so normal, it rolls off your tongue without a second thought and if you didn’t say it… then THAT would be weird.

love you

2. Peeing In Front Of Each Other

This is more likely to happen if you’re both drunk. Getting in the cubicle together is essential for deep conversations, passing on gossip or ranting about the latest drama going on in your lives.


3. Calling Each Other Names

Obviously no one gets away with it when they call you a bitch… unless it’s your best friend. In fact you can call each other crazy, lame, cringeworthy or whatever you like, because both of you know that neither of you mean it in a nasty way,


4. Cuddling On The Couch Or In Bed

Hugs and cuddles can happen any time you needs them because that’s what your best friend’s for. You tow can fall asleep in the same bed and it feels even better than sleeping on your own.


5. Walking Into Each Other’s House Without Knocking

mi casa es su casa and all that. What would be weird, would be if you knocked and actually waited for her the answer the door.


6. Using Each Other’s Stuff Without Asking

She’s going to say yes anyway, so why bother asking. Help yourself to clothes and make up. What’s hers is yours and what’s yours is hers after all.


7. Sending Ugly SnapChats To Each Other

You would die if anyone else saw your ugly selfies, but you can trust her to keep these hilarious pics to herself.


8. Over-Sharing About Bodily Functions

You can’t tell anyone else about cramps, piles and IBS, this means when it comes to telling your best friend, you can go into detail.


9. Telling It Like It Is

If she doesn’t look cute in it, you can tell her and help her find something better. Not like non BFF’s who would just say ‘OMG you look amazing’. Not cool, sometimes you just have to tell it like it is, and she totally understands.


10. Rehashing The Same Conversations Over And Over

When you two get together you ANALYZE and sometimes, you have to re-analyse quite a few times. It’s cool though, you never get bored of working other people out.


11. Laughing At Each Other When One Does Something Embarrassing

Because you two are so relaxed with each other, it’s hard to take things seriously. Breaking a heel, wearing your shirt inside out or snorting milkshake out through your nose only get’s funnier when you’re with your best friend.


12. Eating Outrageous Amounts Of Food Together Without Feeling Judged

No need to feel self conscious in front of your best friend. If you want to eat something, you eat it! And neither of you are concerned about what the other is eating, because you’re too busy talking with your mouthful about current dramas.


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By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'