100 Ways You Know You Are in Love

Love is a complicated emotion with many faces and facets. We have tried to make a list of 100 ways to know you are in love but really the list is totally endless. Anyway enjoy the list and try to tick off as many things as you feel right now.

100 Reasons Why You Know You Are In Love

    1. The way you can just be yourself
    2. The way they make you smile
    3. The way they smile
    4. The way they look at you
    5. They tell you you’re beautiful no matter what
    6. They can make your heart melt
    7. They still give you butterflies
    8. Their hand fits perfectly in yours
    9. How they write you poems
    10. How much they show they care
    11. They allow you to be independent
    12. They encourage you
    13. They make you proud
    14. They make you feel special
    15. They make you feel confident
    16.  The way they make you laugh
    17. The memories you share
    18. How they put up with your moods
    19. The way they kiss you
    20. The way they touch you
    21. The way they play with your hair
    22. The way they put their arms around you
    23. How you can be silly around each other
    24. How you hardly ever fight
    25. The little gifts they give you
    26. The way they light up your life
    27. They keep you warm when you’re feeling cold
    28. They don’t care about your sweaty hands!
    29. They love all of your imperfections
    30. And still think you’re perfect
    31. The way they tell you they love me
    32. How you instantly feel better when you hear their voice
    33. Because they love you with their whole heart
    34. How they act the same around your friends
    35. The way they talk to you about anything
    36. The way you can’t picture your life without them
    37. How talking about marriage doesn’t scare them away
    38. The fact that you are already planning your future
    39. When you kiss it feels like your first kiss all over again
    40. How they waited to kiss you until the time was right
    41. How they are always there for you
    42. The way they are so understanding
    43. The way they care more about you more than they care about themselves
    44. The way they smell
    45. They can make you smile even if you are crying
    46. How they understand you
    47. How you can tell them anything and everything
    48. The way they can keep a secret
    49. How comfortable they make you feel
    50. When you are with them the whole world stops
    51. How they understand your problems
    52. The way they try to help you fix my problems
    53. The way they make you want to be a better person
    54. The way they know you better than you know myself
    55. How loving them seems to come so naturally
    56. The way they are your everything
    57. How you dedicate songs to each other
    58. The way they don’t always have to be right
    59. How they don’t act all smug when they are right!
    60. The way they hug you
    61. How they promised to never let you go
    62. How afraid they are to lose you
    63. How protective they are
    64. How you know that they are always going to be there for you
    65. They are your best friend
    66. They are your soul mate
    67. How the second they saw you they knew you were the one for them
    68. How sweet they are
    69. How caring they are
    70. How faithful they are
    71. How they find the silliest things funny
    72. Their laugh
    73. How you act like an idiot and they still love you
    74. The way they make fun of you but you know it’s meant with fondness
    75. The way they laugh when you tickle them
    76. Their outlook on life
    77. Their morals
    78. Their goals
    79. Their achievements
    80. How they would drop their other plans to be with you if you needed them to
    81. How they always want to be with you
    82. Their gorgeous eyes
    83. Their lovely legs
    84. Their kissable lips
    85. Everything about them
    86. The way they shake their booty on the dance floor!
    87. The way you cuddle
    88. The fact that you could fall asleep in their arms
    89. When you’re together you feel like you’re home
    90. The way you feel you are destined to be together forever
    91. The feeling they give you inside
    92. The way the sound of their voice make you feel
    93. How they always share their feelings
    94. How you can be together all the time but never run out of things to talk about
    95.  The way you know they will never cheat on you
    96. The way they are always complimenting you
    97. The way they light up a room when they walk in
    98. How you know they will never give up on you
    99. They way they bring out the best in you
    100. How you never truly believed in love at first sight until you met them

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'