23 Teens Trying (And Totally Failing) to Be Tough

We all know the stereotypical pressure society puts on men.

Don’t show emotion. Man up. Be tough. Protect what is yours. Be strong and don’t ever let anyone see you weak. It’s a whole bunch of c**p if you ask me, but yet, there are still boys who grow up to be these kinds of men. I understand the pressure they must feel to be tough and show the world how manly they are. These boys, on the other hand…well, you’ll see.

1. All those chains are making me real nervous.

2. Nice poster, bro.

3. I’m pretty sure your voice is still squeaky.

4. Stop. Just stop.

5. Uhm…You have an underwear situation.

6. It’s not scary when Pooh is in the picture.

7. Bro, you need a new look.

8. That panda bear, though.

9. Uhm…Ew.

10. What up Mickey?