These Images Are Funny But Sad At The Same Time

You know how sometimes life can be really funny┬ábut in a sort of pathetic kind of way? Or the times you see something and laugh, but then once you really think about it, it makes you sad? I went back and forth between those emotions when I was going through these pictures. If you don’t find these funny photos at least a little sad, something is wrong with your compassionate side! Make sure to let us know what you thought was the funniest and the saddest picture here!

Image Source

Image Source

Thoughts can be pretty scary actually.

This probably happens in more households than we realize.

Is it wrong for me to admit I didn’t understand how this was sad at first?

This one is the saddest!

When you talk to a cat and thinks it’s your spouse.

Well, does it?

No wonder I don’t like coffee…

Okay, this is sick.