These 16 Kids That May Have All the Answers in Life

Naturally generations change, and the youth of these wonderful times of the Iphones, their wittiness and out of the box responses are priceless.

Check out these 16 interesting responses to some of the worlds most classic questions.

1. Too Much “Orange is The New Black?!”

2. The Truth Shall Set You Free

3. Bad News Bears

4. Well…Duuuh!

5. Classic Ain’t Cool


6. I Don’t See Why Not!?

7. Pretty Hefty

8. Infatuations With The Star

9. The Gifts of Foresight

10. H**l Comes In Layers

11. But a Woman is ‘Always’ Right!

12. The Rise of Cannibal Hannibal

13. Wine For Mommy Whine’s

14. Ditzy Do’s

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15. Freedom First

16. Bling Things