37 Times When One Little Grammar Error Ruined EVERYTHING

21. When Bakeries Turn You Into The Animal You Are

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22. When Cops Are Inspired by ‘The Walking Dead’

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23. When Mandela Outlives Us All And Turns From The Good To The Bad And Ugly

24. When Church Gives You More Than Once Sign

25. When Dreams And Reality Turn Into Everlasting Scarring Memories

26. When The Sun Shines After It Rains

27. When Sponge Bob Tells Us Who’s Boss

28. When Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

29. When Stores Started Giving Away Free Goods

30. When Mc Donald’s Comes Clean With The Ugly Truth

31. When Things Can Not Be Any More Obvious, To Some

32. When Traffic Signs Introduce Porn to Pedestrians

33. When Your Low Wage Job Suddenly Becomes More Dignifying

34. When ‘Politically Correct’ No Longer Matters

35. When Eating Syrup Is No Longer Delicious

36. When Popsicles No Longer Make Sense

37. When Being Bad Is Good