Have You Ever Wondered What Jet And The Other Gladiators Are Up To Now?

If you grew up in the 90’s chances are you watched Gladiators on Saturday nights.

Or at least you did if you were a cool kid. Everyone’s favorite character was Jet (Diane Youdale), and this year it has been 20 years since she was forced to retire from the show! She has stayed pretty busy, though, meeting celebrities and such.


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Meeting Michael Palin.

And Jennie Bond.

She also became a therapist, a director for Soul Dynamics, which is a therapy, counseling and fitness company. She also appears as a coach on Big Brother sometimes. 

Clearly, she still cherishes her time on Gladiators, having tweeted this not too long ago.

Let’s take a look at the other cast members!

Cobra, (Michael Wilson) stayed with the show from the first season through the eighth, one of the few cast members to do so. 

He now tours schools and youth clubs teaching promoting fun exercise programs to children. 

Saracen, (Mike Lewis) was another season one through eight character.

Now, he serves as a fireman but will still appear as Saracen at the odd charity event. 

Falcon, (Bernadette Hunt) was pretty much unseen after the show ended.

Some claim they have seen her teaching aerobics classes around Basingstoke. There isn’t a current picture of her we were able to get our hands on, so here she is during her Gladiator years.

Vogue, (Suzanne Cox) on the show during the final four series.

She tried her hand at TV presenting but shortly after she opened a clothes shop with Saracen and Panther. She too decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

Hunter, (James Crossley) was dating the presenter, Ulrika Jonsson, during the show.

Since, he became a Shakesperian actor for a short time and starred in As You Like It. Today,  he is a ‘body composition specialist’… which is fancy for a personal trainer.

Rhino (Mark Smith) was on the show from  series four to eight.

He has since pursued a rather successful career in acting. He appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Batman Begins, as well as Argo.

Warrior (Michael Ahearne) had a bit of a rough patch since Gladiators ended.

In 1998, he was put in jailed for perverting the course of justice in a firearms case. He managed to turn things around and now owns a gym in Birkenhead.

Nightshade was in Gladiators for a short time but was still able to become a fan-favorite.

She had an impressive background having appeared in three Commonwealth Games and two Olympic Games. After Gladiators, her life was hit with a tragedy when her daughter died in 1999 at the young age of nine.

Wolf (Michael Van Wijk) Has dabbled in a number of things since the end of the show.

He tried his hand in acting for a while and also appeared on Celebrity Squares. He was also a mentor for the new breed of Gladiators during the reboot.  Now he owns and runs a gym in Auckland, New Zealand and also competes in amateur cage fighting.

Panther,( Helen O’Reilly) was said to be really upset with Lightning as the show as coming to an end.

Could this be why she wasn’t invited back to the revamped Legends Special? Today, she is in Middlesex running Panther’s Gym with her husband.

Lightening(Kim Betts) was one of the longest members of Gladiators as well as a fan-favorite.

After the show, she moved to Spain for a period of time before returning to the UK and starting a successful property business in Staffordshire.