Boy Dies After Dad Calls Cops To Teach Him a Lesson

This is the tragic, true story of a father trying to do the right thing, which ultimately ended in the death of his son.

The devastated father, James Comstock told the Des Moines Register that he called the police after his son Tyler has taken his truck without permission. It was the result of an earlier altercation where James refused to buy Tyler cigarettes.


Police Officer Adam McPherson spotted the reportedly stolen vehicle and pursued it, leading to a dangerous, high speed chase. The footage from the police camera can be watched below.

The car chase ended up being fatal, as McPherson fired six shots into the truck Tyler was driving. Two bullets hit Tyler and he was later pronounced dead.

While the official report claims that the action was necessary in order “to stop the ongoing threat to the public and the officers.” Tyler’s dad claim’s he was unarmed at the time.

Gary Shepley, Taylors step-grandfather told reporters; “So he didn’t shut the d**n truck off, so let’s fire six rounds at him? We’re confused, and we don’t understand.”

Tyler’s father, James said his son was turning his life around after his fair share of minor run ins with the law and an upsetting recent breakup with his girlfriend.

“He was a smart kid. He made his own computers. He was interested in IT,” James told the Register.

“He took off with my truck. I call the police, and they kill him,” James said. “”It was over a d**n pack of cigarettes.”