18 Ways To Hack Your Hairstyle With Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are so boring when you look at them.

They are all one color and really just have one purpose, so it can be hard to get creative. If you are looking for ways to revamp your hairstyle, try something creative or just organize your bobby pins better, here are 18 ways to get spunky with your bobby pins!

1. Use the right side.

Image Source

Image Source

The grip is better when the flat side is facing up.

2. Triangle.

Expose your bobby pins with this cute design. Cross two sections of your hair over one another at the back of your head, and slide a bobby pin horizontally over the crossed section. Then slide two bobby pins diagonally up on the left and right sides.

3. Chevron pattern.

This one is super cute. Slide one bobby pin in at a slant, with the open end facing upwards, and then slide a second bobby pin through the first one and downward to create an arrow shape. You can add as many as you like.

4. Prop the ponytail.

Vamp up that everyday pony by inserting a couple of bobby pins vertically into the part of your elastic band beneath the ponytail.

5. The stealthy pull-back.

Twist your hair back and secure it with a bobby pin in the center. Your hair will hide the pin and the pretty curl will keep hair out of your face.

6. Hashtag.

Use 4 long bobby pins for this one. Pull a section of hair behind your ear and insert two bobby pins upwards to hold it. Then slide two more bobby pins through the middle of the pins already in the hair, and you have created a hashtag.

7. Criss-cross crown.

This one is easy. Just criss-cross bobby pins in an x form along a line of hair.

8. Fix the old ones.

If you notice your bobby pin getting stretched out, just bend it back into place with some pliers.

9. Improve the grip.

If you find your bobby pins slipping, just spray some dry shampoo in them before using them again.

10. Hide the elastic.

An easy way to hide your hair tie is by taking a strand from your ponytail, wrapping it around the elastic and pinning it into place.

11. Perfect your braid.

If you notice bumps or stray hairs, you don’t need to redo the entire braid, just stick some bobby pins in the braid where you see the blemishes. You can make a cute pattern too.

12. Rock a bob.

Even girls with long hair feel like having a bob every now and then. Instead of cutting your hair off, just give it some finger waves, tuck it at the base of your hairline and pin it. Now you have a bob!

13. Bobby pin case.

Tired of finding bobby pins scattered all over the house, or not being able to find them at all? Take an old Tic Tac container and stash the pins so you always know where to find them.

14. Color your bobby pins.

They can literally match all of your outfits. Just use some nail polish to create whatever design or color you want.

15. Half up criss-cross.

For this look, take strands of hair from above your ears and cross them over each other in the back of your head, pinning them down. Do this three or four times.

16. Lose the bangs.

Pin back your bangs to keep them out of your face or to try a new look with this trick. All you have to do is braid your crown and tuck your bangs into it, then secure it with a bobby pin.

17. Use them for your nails.

You can make perfect lines or dots by dipping the end of your bobby pins into nail polish. S***k up your regular nails with a cute and easy design.

18. Zippers just got a whole lot easier.

Use a bobby pin to grip those stubborn zippers by poking the pin through the bottom loop of the zipper. This is especially helpful when your zipper is broken.