A Harry Potter Proposal That Will Make Every Fan Jealous

Lauren Cummerlander proposed to her girlfriend, Kara Doughty, in Diagon Alley at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter.

Lauren isn’t a Harry Potter fan, but she knew how much Kara loved the series. Talk about a magical proposal.

She placed the ring on a replica wand while Kara was in the bathroom.

Kara stated: “When we left Ollivander’s, I went to the restroom and she put it on the wand. I didn’t know! I carried it around all day! We sat down to rest and I pulled it out to look at it and there it was! She didn’t even have a chance to ask. I was just like YES and immediately took a picture…then put it on and took more pictures.” Kara said.

She was literally walking around with her ring all day and didn’t even know it.

“She just knows how much I love it. We had offers to go on two trips and she insisted that we went to Universal. She had been planning it for MONTHS.”

An up-close picture of the ring.

 The couple plan on having a wedding “like it takes place in the Harry Potter universe.”