40 Stunning Wedding Cakes For The Kid Inside You

To say these cakes are impressive would be a terrible understatement.

No matter what you are a fan of, you are bound to find more than one cake you simply can’t live without. Either I am going to have to get married 40 times or I will have to start finding reasons to celebrate so I can have each one of these cakes. Check out these amazing masterpieces!

1. For the gamers.

Image Source

Image Source

2. Big Rock Candy Mountain.

3. You better eat this by midnight.

4. The superhero cake.

5. The Dr. Suess lovers.

6. For the little boys at heart.

7. The art lover’s dream cake.

8. I’m not sure this is appropriate for a wedding?

9. The Up cake.

10. For all those Pokemon lovers.

11. Jurassic Park enthusiasts will love this.

12. As a Harry Potter fan, I want this at my wedding.

13. In a perfect world, Tyrion would be sitting on the throne.

14. This is adorable.

15. So is this.

16. I love this idea with the fairy dust.

17. A little Mickey Mouse throw back.

18. I can’t believe how accurate the artwork is here.

19. The details blow my mind.

20. For all those girls who love Snow White.

21. What it literally is like to read Lord of the Rings. 

22. Beautiful.

23. This is absolutely stunning.

24. I like that it comes with cards.

25. I love the color accuracy here.

26. Beauty and the Beast.

27. I can’t believe this is actually standing!

28. The Dalek.

29. The eye! I don’t know if I could have this at my wedding…

30. For the princess lovers.

31. I want this one too.

32. For the love of Batman.

33. This is pretty cute…and tall!

34. If there is to be a catastrophe at your wedding, it might as well be within the cake.

35. For those chocolate lovers out there.

36. The Mockingjay.

37. I wonder if the sorting hat would tell where you should buy your first house?

38. I love The Little Mermaid!

39. Can I have this for Thanksgiving instead of pumpkin pie?

40. The only way to solve this one is by eating it.