40 Most Embarrassing Moments Caught On Camera

These photos could not have been taken at a more perfect time.

Some will make you feel awkward, some will creep you out, and some will crack you up. Hope you enjoy!

1. What was he doing to get her to look like that?

Image Source

Image Source

2. Makin those grilled tomatoes redneck style.

3. When at the club, beware of nipple biters.

4. This would be the worst.

5. Slowest moving line EVER!

6. What are you?

7. When one runs out of hair accessories, one must be resourceful.

8. Perfect timing.

9. I feel so sorry for this guy.

10. I would say she’s a little backwards.

11. I’m not sure what’s happening.

12. Caught in the mustard jar.

13. He got TP’d.

14. Bad Santa.

15. One flexible man.

16. Dang, girl.

17. That awkward moment you get called pregnant.

18. The latest coffee shop attire.

19. Your “natural tan” is running.

20. The headshot didn’t turn out too well.

21. But…

22.He’s not into all nighters.

23. Getting close.

24. One size does not fit all.

25. Redneck spider man.


26. Found puppy.


27.  Excuse me, miss, your wipe is hanging out.

28. When no one will catch you.

29. He loves both sides of her.

30. She must have a big appetite.

31. Hide and Seek gone wrong.

32. Probably not what he had in mind.

33. Next time, maybe try sitting on a blanket?

34. The nastiest thing I have ever seen…

35. How do you not feel that?

36. We see this all the time.

37. This isn’t cute.

38. Another perfectly timed shot.

39. Preparing for that long bus ride.

40. I have no words.