31 Times Autocorrect Made Things Much, Much Worse

Don’t you just hate when you are trying to text someone real quick only to realise after you already sent it that the stupid auto correct totally messed up your text?

That’s why it is always wise to check the text before sending it because once sent there is no going back.

1. Awkward Talks With Ma

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2. Romantic Throbs

3. The Healing Powers Of Dad

4. Grand-Pops

5. Mom’s Know It All


6. Do As Mom Says

7. The V****a Monologues

8. Messy Maggie

9. Everything Just Sucks

10. Mind-crafting Gavin

11. Mommy Dearest

12. The Truth Comes Out

13. Chills by Jesus

14. The Perfect Tone

15. Audacious Ali

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16. Organic What!? A New Trend!?


17. Come As You Are

18. Toad Suckers

19. Robie, Porn & Almonds. Priceless.

20. Quick Come Backs

21. Don’t Mix

22. Holidays…Always the Perfect Time to Come Out

23. Hitler Meats Hannibal

24. Poor Emily Scarred for Life!

25. Beware The Angry Dave

26. The Downfalls of The Secret Recipe…

27. Gluttony Kills

28. Cunnilingus Who?

29. Gummy bears are masturbating…

30. Following Up Isn’t Always The ‘Professional’ Thing To Do

31. Ummm….Did Someone Say ACID!?!!