27 Things Only People With Antisocial Hours Jobs Will Understand

1. Getting frustrated when nobody wants to go to the pub at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon.

Via Collegecandy.com

Via Collegecandy.com

2. Waiting around all day with nothing to do apart from think about working that night.

Via Imgur

Via Imgur

3. Getting frustrated every time you see a meme about “Yes its Friday”

4. Hating the song “Friday” for more than just the terrible voice of the singer.

5. Shopping alone at 2am for groceries because its the only time you have off work.

6. Drinking at 5am and it being normal because you just finished work


7. Forgetting what day it is.

8. Missing nights out when you do get Saturday off work because you are too tired.

9. Having to work on a Saturday and missing the party.

10. Eating lunch at 9am, dinner at 3pm and not snacking on chips in-between.

11. Hating the song “Nine Till Five”.

12. Having to smile when people say “Enjoy your weekend”.

13. Not knowing the inside jokes with your friends as they are all out when you are working.

14. Missing getting drunk and having fun on public holidays.

15. Having your mother say passive aggressive things about you been out all the time when you are WORKING.

16. Seeing your friends all having fun on Instagram.

17. Wearing pyjamas at 4pm and the postie thinking you are a lazy git when actually you were WORKING all night and morning.

18. Never seeing your partner when you are both awake.

19. Having to watch daytime TV.

20. Getting home and seeing the only people on Facebook to chat to are the insomniacs who are better off avoided.

21. Bank holidays are just a total insult. You have to book the off instead of get given them like everyone else.



22. So are all your friends Facebook updates as they relax over the weekend.

23. When your friends don’t understand why you can’t just “change your shift” to attend their birthday party.

NBC / Via Katy turned it into a big fun on stage party.

NBC / Via Katy turned it into a big fun on stage party.

24. Feeling tired in the day and awake at night time.

25. Sleeping in the daylight as the rest of the world is awake and being far too loud.

26. Never being able to commit to anything as you don’t know what shift you will be working that day.

27. Being so ronery. 🙁

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