27 Struggles Only a 90’s Kids Understand

If you are a 90s kid you are going to connect instantly to these 27 struggles that you probably experienced at some point in your life.

1. Running Out of AOL Free Talk

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2. VCR’s Eating Your Favorite Tapes

3. Not Being Able to Save Your Tamagotchi From Death …Work Buttons,Work!

4. Beanie Baby Tags Obsessions

5. The CD’s You Begged Your Parents To Buy

6. Changing Your Hair Cuts As Per The New Pop Band

7. Overstocking Your Tools

8. Stackable Pencil Dilemmas

9. McDonald’s Halloween Pail Fails

10. Third Degree Burns From These Irresistible Metal Slides

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11. The Endless Phone Cord Accidents

12. The CD Wrap Massacre

13. Windows Pandoras Box

14. Learning That Light Markers Can’t Undo Your Darkness

15. The Strategy Behind Opening Your Capri Sun

16. Being The ‘Old School’ Kid Walking Around With Cassette’s Instead of CD’s

17. CD’s Players Can No Longer Fit In Your Cool Jeans

18. Lion King Spoons Color Myth

19. Right Dipping DunnkAroo Strategies

20. Having To REWIND Your Last Blockbuster Rental

21. Blowing Your Lungs Out For Eight Seconds Before Your Your Nintendo Game Crashes

22. Nigh Scares By Furby

23. When Annoying Metals Start Poking You From The Edges of Your Wonderful Slap Bracelets

24. When Your Run Back Home Excited to See This Happen To Your VHR Recordings

25.  You Lack Of Patience for The Irresistible Pizza Bagel To Cool Off

26. Gross n’ Sweaty Inflatable Chairs

27. Sock-less Skip-It Burns