26 Flawless Responses To People Who Never Text Back

Nowadays texting is much easier and somewhat more preferable than meeting face-to-face or even picking up the phone and dialing the number… Until we hear crickets on the other end….

1. Soliloquy

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2. Drama Queens

3. Needy Speedy

4. Communication Gaps

5. Over The Top


6. Patience Is A Virtue

7. The Attention Seekers

8. Good Night Blues

9. Temperamental Relationships

10. Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

11. Multiple Personalities

12. NonSense Sense of Humor

13. Spoiled-Brat Problems

14. Drama Queens

15. The Thin Line Between Lover & Hawker

16. Too Much To Handle

17. Desperation

18. Sarcasm

19. Hi. Bye.

20. Bach the F**** Up

21. I Love You Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

22. ‘Stewie’s’ Family Guy Syndrome

23. Nicotine Withdrawals

24. Guilt Tripper

25. Testing Texting!

26.  Bitter Sweet Love