25 Pictures That Look Just Like Your Childhood

These pictures will take you on a journey to your past and remind about how life was when you were a kid.

1.  Tattoo Chocker Necklaces


2. The Kid Pix Artiste


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3. The Original Taste of Altoids


4. The Wonderful Waterful’s


5. Miyagi’s “wax on, wax off”


6. The Infamous Troll


7. The 80’s Fortune Teller


8. Sketches Sniffers


9. Family Reunions with Bob Baker


10. The Fairly Stupid Tales


11. The Oregon Trail


12. See-Thru Fashion Epidemic


13. Briteny Spears.


14. Blockbuster VHS’s Night’s In


15. Cheddddaaarrr! Awooooooo!


16. Slapping Bracelets


17. The Discman/Walkman


18. Dummy Yummies


19. T-shirt Destroyers Tee Clips


20. Pager Privacy


21. Vivacious Velcro


22. The Undying Tales of Chucky


23. The Stackable Pencil Invention


24. Uncle Scrooge’s Money Vault


25. Staying up on Mario’s Magic Mushrooms