23 Toys All Nineties Children Desperately Wanted For Christmas

Remember that one toy that you want so much that would do anything to get for Christmas?

Well, if you grew up in the 90s you are about to have some flashbacks.

1. Baby born.

2. Mr. Frosty Ice Maker

3. Power Rangers Morpher

4. Crystal making set.

5. A Furby.

6. Mousetrap board game.

7. Doodle Bears.

8. The Sims.

9. Baby All Gone.

10. Beyblade Stadium.

11. Make-up sets.

12. Teksta Dog

13. Polly Pocket

14. Tamagotchi

15. Candle making set

16. Pokemon Blue

17. What’s Her Face? Doll

18. Thunderbird’s Tracey Island

19. Doll for hairstyling

20. Dreamphone

21. Gameboy Printer

22. Bratz Doll

23. Home Alone Talkboy recorder