22 People Who Got Caught Lying On Facebook, #1 Has Me In Stitches

Here’s what I think about lying- if you’re going to do it, be believable.

Don’t do it when people can call you out on your lies because they are so BLATANLY OBVIOUS! And by blatantly¬†obvious, these 22 pictures are what I’m talking about.

1. How did she miss the random hand?

2. Again…what’s with the hand? Did you just like…forget to crop it out!

3. Those fake relationships, though…

4. And fake engagements…

5. Nice Google pic.

6. kind of an odd way to do therapy if you ask me.

7. Turn off the location next time.

8. Nice try, but the door is warped.

9. Well…

10. Did you really think anyone would believe this?!

11. The broom is bent…

12. The audience looks a little…unlike real audience.

13. The walls move, but “it’s normal.”

14. Better pay attention to your shadow next time.

15. Right…

16. “No filter.”

17. This one is my favorite! Ha!

18. Well, I don’t think you are doing a very good job…

19. Don’t act like you didn’t!

20. Another fake relationship!

21. Nice story, bro. Too bad it’s a lie.

22. Do they seriously believe her?

Next time guys, maybe don’t post your lies on social media, and if you do, try learning a little more about Photoshop.