20 Problems Only The Thick Haired Can Understand

Having Long Thick ‘beautiful’ hair comes with its sweet sorrows…

Check out these 20 curses of the big bold and beautiful hair genes

1. Shower Spider Webs

Image Source

Image Source

 2. The Return For MORE of These Rubber Hair Ties

 3. The Crown for The Queen Travel Kit

4. The Pro’s and Con’s of “You have Such Beautiful Thick Hair”!

5. There Is No Such As Thing As ‘Enough Conditioner’

6. Shedding Worse Than Your Pet

7. Hair Tie Extensions

8. Comb Killer

9. The Decapitations of Every Other Brush You Own

10. When Humidity Takes Charge

11. Styling Since You Grew Hair

12. Never Having To Share Brushes, Because No One Wants To!

13. The Arm Numbing Process of Straightening

14. The Search of The Perfect Hair Tie

15. And Creating a Special Bond With it Around You Wrist

16. The Lack of Conditioner at Your Bestie’s House

17. Remembering Mom’s Hair Brushing Days

18. Dripping Wet Vs. Blow Drying

19. Untying the Knot

20. Frying The Frizz Away