18 Shower thoughts that’ll boggle your mind

Have you ever been taking a shower and had some wild and crazy thought pop up in your head and then the more you thought about it the more it actually made sense?

Well, you are not alone! Check out these 18 shower thoughts that will totally mess with your mind,

1. Good question…

2. D**n mirrors!

3. Erase thought now…

4. The tables have turned…

5. Billie.. No. Carly.. No. Melissa.. No. This is getting hard!

6. Love at first smell.

7. Weird until they pimp your ride.

8. Gotta love them.

9. Her poor back.

10. Nothing but the truth.

11. Delete all selfies now…

12. But it’s the same thing!

13. They should!

14. Erase thought…

15. This would be a great movie!

16. And they said…

17. Well… Duh!

18. And people still hold them!