17 Things That Anyone Who Grew Up In Britain In The 90’s Will Understand

Growing up in the 90’s was awesome.

We got to watch the best television shows, see all the new inventions and walk around in what we’re possibly the coolest shoes to date. The best part about these 17 things is that we can all relate to them together.

1. Having these as a food option.

2. School discos with these things were the best.

3. When you realized the contents of the bag were much smaller than they looked.

4. When school dinner offered cake.

5. When Jamie Oliver took away these.

6. Giving yourself the cleanest one when it was your turn to hand them out.

7. When you got to play on these during P.E.

8. These were the best.

9. Everyone wore these.

10. Putting lyric sheets on one of these.

 11. Being obsessed with Windows Live Messenger.

12. This was the worst.

13. The ones who helped you learn to read.

14. When you though the kids on Raven died.

15. The drama that came with Woolworths closing.

16. All the static of these.