17 Pictures That Will Make You Wonder How Kids From The 80s Are Still Alive

With all of the things that the kids in the 80s were exposed to we scratch our heads in wonder to how the heck they are still alive today!

With smoking being so popular and dangerous toys, we still don’t know how they made it! Check out these 17 things that will make you think the same thing.

1. Teens had more opportunity to smoke because of their popularity.

2. Nobody wore a helmet.

3. You mom smoked when you were in her tummy.

4. Older kids would watch the younger kids. This led to all kinds of crazy things.

5. Dad would let you drive.

6. Someone always had a plaster cast on.

7. The cargo area in the family station wagon was used as a playroom while driving.

8. Kids could play with fireworks.

9. No supervision while cooking.

10. Parents did not always watch the kiddos.

11. “Smoking sections” meant that secondhand smoke was rampant.

12. You had more dangerous toys.

13. Kids had keys to the house and would watch each other unsupervised.

14. Playdates never included adults.

15. Nobody used sunblock.

16. Playgrounds were way more dangerous.

17. Kids rode in the back of pickups.